The average weekly earnings of a person living in the UK is currently £503 per week or £26,156 per year this would give a net salary of £20,873.28 with deductions of Tax £3,111.20 and National Insurance  £2,171.52. Some would call this the salary of the Normal Person who will work 37-40 hours a week. This is compared to the salaries of the Premier league football stars who can earn anything from £20,000 per week to £400,000+ per week giving a salary of somewhere in between £1,040,000 and £20,800,000 it is however difficult to decide how much time a footballer spends working in an average week as it is not just two ninety minute matches a week for the season. It is sometimes said that the high salary is required due to the short working life of the footballer but when you compare the normal person’s salary it would take them almost 40 years of their working life just to get the lower end of the Premier league footballer’s yearly salary. It could be debated whether this is justifiable or not but it is said that the Premier league is one of the riches football leagues in the world. Similar salaries will also be paid to the stars of Spanish BBVA La Liga Table, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A.

In comparison in the USA the national average wage index for 2014 was $46,481.52 in the USA the nearest equivalent to the football league would be an NFL or NBA player. An NFL player can earn anywhere between $815,294 per year to $23,200,000+ per year with an NBA player earning $507,336 – $23,410,988+. Again taking the lower salary it would take the normal person 11 years to earn the same salary as a lower end NFL / NBA player. Again it is difficult to say how much time the sports person would have to work to earn this salary as compared to the average American who will probably work 40+ hours.

On top of the wage part of the salary it is also possible that the celebrity sports people will also earn money from sponsorships deals from a worldwide company for wearing or using their products. The products are also usually provide free of charge so the star can recommend them. The normal person will probably only be able to earn extra cash by doing extra work in another job or having their own side business to supplement their normal income however this will be a lot harder than get paid a sponsorship deal.

It is however difficult to become a top paid footballer, NFL or NBA player as in most cases you will need to be dedicated and committed to the sport from an early age. You would also need to be spotted by a scout for a team.

This is just one example of the big variations in salary between the normal person and a sport star. We will try and look at some other examples later but it does make you think is that footballer worth that much more than the normal person?

One final thought to consider for the normal person is that the average income per person per year for the whole world has been estimated at £6,273 this is significantly below the wages in both the UK and USA.

We must remember the great freedoms and facilities both these countries and other developed countries have that the normal person does not have to directly pay for as they are paid for out of taxes. These include libraries, transportation links and other infrastructure and facilities. We also need to be grateful for other things that are available to us at a good price all year round such as food and other good that are produced in other countries and transported to our countries still at a reasonably affordable price.

In the future the normal person may need to move away from earning most of their money from a salaried job working 9-5 to earning money through knowledge or skills that cannot be carried out by a computer or robot. One of the options is to become someone who programs the computers and robots or someone who repairs and fixes them when they go wrong. One option is to find a job that is difficult to carry out this may well be something in the building trade or in customer service as computers and robots are currently good at working on items that require a repeated task to be carried out. Whereas people will need to carry out tasks that computers and robots have not and cannot be programmed to do easily.

Since the last recession it may be that some of the people who used to work in a salaried position have already moved into self employment or contracting work. One of the things I have started to notice more recently is the number of people who have started their own road side food vans. Has anyone else noticed other self employed people doing jobs recently? Also the rise of zero hour’s contracts.

This is our first attempt to try and break out of the 9-5 is to start this website. We are sure there will be other ideas and attempts. Hopefully more will be successful than unsuccessful and we can build some additional income streams and help other normal people along the way. We are also going to try and start improving our skills by moving out of my comfort zone after being in a steady job for some time. We will keep you updated on the future.

The Normal Person

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