Most people in the UK and US are eating too much sugar by eating sugary laden food and drink. These foods and drink contain large amounts of sugar that is added to food this sugar can be added in lots of different forms and may be labelled in several different ways when written on the ingredients labels. Most of these foods and drinks will have lots of calories due to the amount of added sugar, this in turn can lead to weight gain and eventually may lead to other more serious health conditions.

Added sugar can be labelled in several include different ways on the ingredients list these may include; Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, Fruit juice, Molasses, Hydrolysed Starch, Invert sugar, Corn syrup, Honey.

The recommended daily allowance for added sugar in the UK is 30g in the US this is 37.5g approx 9 teaspoons for anyone aged 11 or older however we should probably be eating and drinking a lot less than this.

One of the quickest and simplest ways to remove some sugar is to start reducing how many spoon of sugar you put in a cup of tea or coffee. You should try and reduce this slowly as your taste buds will eventually adept to the lower amount of sugar that you put in your cup. It may take several weeks but over time you will get used to it and will eventually reduce to no sugar.

Another thing you need to think about is reducing the amount of sugary drinks. This can include fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Although in some ways fruit juices are health if you drink more than one portion it no longer counts as an extra portion of fruit but you are still drink large amounts of sugar so it is best to have one glass with a meal and that’s all really. It would be best to cut these sugary drinks out by replacing them with milk or plain water. If you really cannot get along with plain water then it may be best to significantly dilute fruit squash to make slightly flavoured water.  The other option would be to try drink plain tea or coffee.

If you reduce the amount of sugar you take to quickly or go from lots of sugar to zero then you will probably find that you end up with some withdrawal symptoms these may include poor energy, cravings for sugar loaded foods, unhappy feelings, headaches etc… Some people also complain of flu-like symptoms. This is why it is best to reduce your sugar intake slowly. It is also very difficult to eliminate sugar completely but we should try and minimise and stay below the recommended guidelines.

The other main thing to think about is that we are talking about added sugar so you should still eat your favourite fresh fruit. Dried fruits should also be avoided if possible as these usually have a lot more sugar content than in there fresh form. Also dried fruit tends to be sticky and will potential stick to your teeth.

We will talk about this more in the future.

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