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I have struggled about if I should even write this post as I feel judgemental and what gives one person the right to judge others. But I then look around at the multi million pound business that have popped up to help people control their weight at great expense to the person who joins the program. In the past I myself have put on extra weight through over eating and eating the wrong foods so I hope this post acts as an inspiration to all that read it to change.

While on holiday this year I was looking around at some of the tourists and noticed that a lot of the people were carrying some extra weight. This then sent my mind wondering about why people seemed to be like this and what the solutions could be to this issue that seems to have got worst overtime. I suspect a lot of people gain extra weight due to the abundance of food that is available in the world at almost anytime of the day. Also people have come accustomed to getting meals ready quickly and easily without having to cook from raw fresh ingredients. People have also come accustomed to eating snack type food rather than eating meals that fill them up for the day. People also now have jobs where they sit down most of the day so lack exercise that allows them to burn off the energy they have eaten. One of the other things is that people need to make sure they eat plenty of foods that help with beneficial bacteria that are good for the gut.

So what do we need to do to improve ourselves. For gut health this may be achieved by eating things like natural yogurt, sourdough, sauerkraut and other types of fermented foods. It also helps to eat as many different coloured fruit and vegetables as these also help towards a healthy gut. This is a new area of science and we know little about our gut health but I am sure this will change in the future. I will try and add more later.

We should start to make sure we do more exercise both during work and outside of work. This could be as simple as doing some extra walking or maybe pick up a sport or join a running club. Please do not go from doing no exercise to trying to run a marathon or 5k run. Instead start off slowly by walking or maybe following a 5k running program or app such as the NHS couch to 5k.

Lastly we should look at making our own nutritional food from fresh ingredients. Even though I’d say fresh you can still use frozen or refrigerated food as long as it is not processed. Occasionally you can use processed foods but you diet should be balanced. We will add some recipes for you to use. The plan is not to include fancy food but good nutritional food.

I truly believe that using these simple steps will lead to a healthier life. The one problem is that living this way is nowhere near as easy as living with instant food sitting at your desk and not cooking it requires real effort. I think the effort is well worth the time needed to be put in and we should all aspire to put in the work to make ourselves better.

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