Shrinking food

Just been reading this article on the telegraph website on how the government is supposed to be looking at ways to reduce the calories in pizzas, ready meals and other foods to tackle the obesity and diabetes crisis that they potentially see coming in the future.

Even thought these guidelines seem to be pushing in a direction to try and reduce people’s consumption I do worry that instead of the government trying to change the way people eat food by enforcing guidelines on organisations and companies that they should be trying to concentrate on putting money into trying to educate the young generation in healthier eating and providing healthier food at schools for school meals along with concentrating on increasing the amount of time spent doing physical and healthier living subjects at school from a young age to the end of high school and even into further education.

Already you may have noticed that chocolate bars have got smaller and yet still cost the same or maybe even cost more than they used to. This has been done not only so the manufacturer can save costs but also because the government has put guidelines in place to reduce the size or reduce the sugar content in those bars. In general I suspect that people will just buy two chocolate bars and eat two and are therefore eating just as much if not more and are paying more for the privilege.

The government is already putting in place a sugar tax that is supposed to come into force in 2018 however the tax is only currently planned to be on sugary drinks. the tax will add between 6p and 8p to a standard bottle of sugary drink. It should be noted the fruit juices have been excluded and these may have just as much impact with the amount of sugar as fizzy drinks.

People will probably buy two pizzas if one doesn’t fill them up enough as happens a lot when eating food of this type. It will probably just cost the person more money. Instead of reducing their overall consumption of food.

The government perhaps need to incentives people to eat healthily rather than add taxes onto unhealthy food. This should also include education programs

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