How do we spend our time

All people in the world are not born equally but we do all have one thing that is un-changable. Every person only has twenty four hours in a day and therefore how does the normal person spend their time and what should we try and change.
Well we all should get 8 hours of sleep

10 hours are spent at work and traveling to work

2 hours eating, drinking and preparing meals

2 hours spending time with family or friends

These leaves only 2 hours to do other things
Obviously this changes at the weekend when immediately we have 10 extra hour as we do not need to go to a job.
12 hours to do other things

8 hours sleeping

2 hours eating, drinking and preparing meals

2 hours spending time with family or friends
This means over a week we could have 34 hours a week improving ourselves or create a business. Obviously we could shift some of these hours around as some people may want to spend more time with family and friends whereas other people may wish to spend more time on self improvement or business development.

You could try increase the amount of awake time by reducing the amount of time you sleep but We would not recommend reducing you sleep to much as you really do need a good amount of sleep to stay healthy so please do not try and reduce your sleep by to much.

It really is up to the individual choice on how they spend there time however if you do wish to improve yourself then you need to spend as much time with this goal in mind.

If you are unhappy about any particular part of your life you need to use this spare time to concentrate on this area of your life that you are not happy with. This could include you fitness, weight, diet, earnings, job or career or even your business etc… Once you have decided upon an area you are not happy with then you should really look at how you could correct the area this could be by getting a coach or mentor, reading a book or looking for information on the internet or via a podcast. The one thing we must remember once we find this info is that we must take action on the advice or information. This is why having a mentor or coach is such a good way to carry out self improvement as there is another person to hold you accountable however this can sometimes be the more expensive option . If you are able to self motivate yourself then a book, website or podcast may be a good idea. This will be a cheaper option but may not be as successful.

When we say mentor this could mean a fitness trainer at a gym or a weight loss organisation like weight watchers as there is a physical presence then they usually help keep you motivated on your goal as there is someone there to push you along. This usually cost you more. You could also have an online mentor who could motivate you and keep you on track. This may be lower cost. But if you are a self motivated individual it may work for you.

The normal person

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