Buying a car

We have been looking at getting a new car recently as we have two cars one is a Honda Civic the other is a Citroen Picasso. Both are over six years old in fact one is approaching ten years old. Both are still running well as far as I can tell but the older car will probably need some money spending on it soon. So I thought I would look at the different way I could finance a new car.  read more

September 2017

So it is September 2017 and the site has been active for two months as part of the ongoing effort to build the website I thought I would share with you how much it costs and how much income is earned from the website and the other things that we do. I am initially just going to share the income and expenses from the website. Eventually I will try and add other income and expenditure so we can share a wider picture of what we earn and what the outgoings are. So here we go month three. read more

Health Tax

This morning I was doing some exercise at home and thought about why I do not do this at the local gym where there is access to a swimming pool, classes and a fully equipped gym with equipment that I would never think about buying or using. My main reason would be the travel to the gym along with finding a parking space and the cost.
It was then that I thought about the cost of gym membership which can be anything from £15-£50 in my area. The cost of gym varies depending up on the equipment and whether there is a swimming pool and other bits of extra kit. read more

The dreaded dentist

Went on one of my least favourite activities the other day for the six monthly check up and hygienist visit. It is one of the things I always dread due to an issue that was never resolved by previous dentists which has meant my teeth have suffered more than they should have. Previously I have been to both private and NHS dentists but have now settled for a private dentists. All the previous dentist do not spot that I am a teeth grinder during the night and overtime this has had a big effect on my teeth. read more