The dreaded dentist

Went on one of my least favourite activities the other day for the six monthly check up and hygienist visit. It is one of the things I always dread due to an issue that was never resolved by previous dentists which has meant my teeth have suffered more than they should have. Previously I have been to both private and NHS dentists but have now settled for a private dentists. All the previous dentist do not spot that I am a teeth grinder during the night and overtime this has had a big effect on my teeth.

Since attend my current dentist the issue I had with a bad tooth has been resolved along with the issue that was causing my teeth problems namely the teeth grinding.

This has been corrected by me using a mouth guard during my sleep which seems to be helping thankfully.

I am currently on a dental plan that covers me for my six monthly check up and hygienist visits at a cost of £15 a month for myself and other adults on the plan while children are charged for between £6-£9 depending upon their age. Although this does work out more expensive than the current NHS payment system of £21 for a check up and free for the kids. I would rather pay the extra and have any problems sorted up front rather than letting them develop into worse problems later.
I am therefore paying £180 each year for private dentist against £42 for an NHS dentist. This is a difference of £138 but I am happy to spend this extra as I trust this dentist to sort out any foreseeable issues rather than leaving to get worst overtime.

The only problem is if I have new issues with my teeth I will need to pay for the treatment whereas under the NHS there is a sliding scale payment system starting at £21 for scale and polish, check up and x rays. £56 for all the 1st stage treatments along with root canals, fillings and extractions. The final band is £244 and includes all stage 1 and 2 treatments along with crowns, dentures and bridges.
A private dentist will charge anything from £20-£100 for a filling with a root canal costing upwards of £600 with a crown costing upwards of £800. So you can see how the costs will quickly add up.
The thing with a private dentist is that they usually are able to offer treatments that are not covered by the NHS this will include things such as dental implants. Although these will cost upwards of £1000 they are the most realistic and aesthetically pleasing way of replacing a missing tooth without damaging your other teeth.

I did however get a couple of free trial packs of tooth paste to use.

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