Auto Enrolment Pensions

With auto enrolment in to a pension scheme now being available for most employees in the UK I thought it was time we looked at what this potential pot of money could become and will it give you enough money to live in retirement.

The UK scheme initially had a minimum contribution rate of 2% this was shared between the employer and employee at 1% each this was effective until April 2018. From April 2018 – April 2019 the minimum contribution rate is 5% with 2% from the employer and 3% from the employee. From April 2019 the final increase will take the minimum contribution rate to 8% with an employer contribution of 3% and an employee contribution of 5%. read more

April 2018 monthly report

So it is April 2018 and as part of the ongoing effort to create the website I thought I would share with you how much it costs and how much income is earned. I have really not had time to spend on the website recently so have decided to put on hold any effort to try and make money out of the website and have instead decided to continue adding content with no adverts or no affiliate links for now. I have recently been concentrating with creating posts that will help people get out of debt. After I have managed to be out of debt for some time and am now concentrating on building wealth and being able to retire early. read more