Health Tax

This morning I was doing some exercise at home and thought about why I do not do this at the local gym where there is access to a swimming pool, classes and a fully equipped gym with equipment that I would never think about buying or using. My main reason would be the travel to the gym along with finding a parking space and the cost.
It was then that I thought about the cost of gym membership which can be anything from £15-£50 in my area. The cost of gym varies depending up on the equipment and whether there is a swimming pool and other bits of extra kit. read more

The dreaded dentist

Went on one of my least favourite activities the other day for the six monthly check up and hygienist visit. It is one of the things I always dread due to an issue that was never resolved by previous dentists which has meant my teeth have suffered more than they should have. Previously I have been to both private and NHS dentists but have now settled for a private dentists. All the previous dentist do not spot that I am a teeth grinder during the night and overtime this has had a big effect on my teeth. read more

How do we spend our time

All people in the world are not born equally but we do all have one thing that is un-changable. Every person only has twenty four hours in a day and therefore how does the normal person spend their time and what should we try and change.
Well we all should get 8 hours of sleep

10 hours are spent at work and traveling to work read more

Shrinking food

Just been reading this article on the telegraph website on how the government is supposed to be looking at ways to reduce the calories in pizzas, ready meals and other foods to tackle the obesity and diabetes crisis that they potentially see coming in the future.

Even thought these guidelines seem to be pushing in a direction to try and reduce people’s consumption I do worry that instead of the government trying to change the way people eat food by enforcing guidelines on organisations and companies that they should be trying to concentrate on putting money into trying to educate the young generation in healthier eating and providing healthier food at schools for school meals along with concentrating on increasing the amount of time spent doing physical and healthier living subjects at school from a young age to the end of high school and even into further education. read more

Holiday thoughts 

I have struggled about if I should even write this post as I feel judgemental and what gives one person the right to judge others. But I then look around at the multi million pound business that have popped up to help people control their weight at great expense to the person who joins the program. In the past I myself have put on extra weight through over eating and eating the wrong foods so I hope this post acts as an inspiration to all that read it to change. read more