Health Tax

This morning I was doing some exercise at home and thought about why I do not do this at the local gym where there is access to a swimming pool, classes and a fully equipped gym with equipment that I would never think about buying or using. My main reason would be the travel to the gym along with finding a parking space and the cost.
It was then that I thought about the cost of gym membership which can be anything from £15-£50 in my area. The cost of gym varies depending up on the equipment and whether there is a swimming pool and other bits of extra kit. read more

Shrinking food

Just been reading this article on the telegraph website on how the government is supposed to be looking at ways to reduce the calories in pizzas, ready meals and other foods to tackle the obesity and diabetes crisis that they potentially see coming in the future.

Even thought these guidelines seem to be pushing in a direction to try and reduce people’s consumption I do worry that instead of the government trying to change the way people eat food by enforcing guidelines on organisations and companies that they should be trying to concentrate on putting money into trying to educate the young generation in healthier eating and providing healthier food at schools for school meals along with concentrating on increasing the amount of time spent doing physical and healthier living subjects at school from a young age to the end of high school and even into further education. read more


Most people in the UK and US are eating too much sugar by eating sugary laden food and drink. These foods and drink contain large amounts of sugar that is added to food this sugar can be added in lots of different forms and may be labelled in several different ways when written on the ingredients labels. Most of these foods and drinks will have lots of calories due to the amount of added sugar, this in turn can lead to weight gain and eventually may lead to other more serious health conditions. read more